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17th Jul 2018

‘Love Island’ Fans Are Convinced A Key Scene Was Cut From Last Night’s Episode


Sooooo, last night’s episode was a bit of a cracker wasn’t it?

Best friends Georgia and Dani got into a fight where Dani finally told Georgia a few home truths.

Let’s be fair, we’re all fairly sick of Georgia’s catchphrase, “I’m loyal” so, when Dani finally called her out it was pretty fuckin’ sweet.

As things started to get heated between the pair, it seemed like the producers might have edited out a scene from the argument and people weren’t happy at all.

After Dani told Georgia to “bore off” and that she was “getting on her nerves,” the shot changes to Jack looking pretty pissed and calling Georgia, a “little shit, ” as she stalks off very annoyed.

But, it’s unclear why he would call her that as he was pretty quiet leading up to that.

Some fans are convinced the producers cut a scene making it unclear what really when down between Dani and G.

One user speculated that Georgia threw her drink at Dani

What do you think guys? Will they be back speaking tonight?

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