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06th Jul 2018

Irish People Make Same Twitter Joke About G And New Jack’s Love Island Kiss

Darragh Berry

We thought it was all going to kick off on Friday night’s episode of Love Island when Georgia and Laura had a talk about how G and new Jack’s date went.

Jack told Laura about the now infamous kiss and when she confronted G about it, she said that it was most certainly a two-way feeling.

New Jack completely denied the fact and said that he went for the cheek and G turned for a smooch on the lips and then went back for seconds.

Irish people on Twitter had enough of the back and forth and felt that they needed to draw on their World Cup experience from this summer to help put the debacle to bed…

Imagine that? Time-out in the villa and everyone gathers around one of the small phones while the narrator of the show confirms whether he deemed the kiss a mutual smooch or a full on shift-attempt on Georgia’s end only.

But what would a Video Assistant Referee choose? Was it all Georgia or a two-way tango? Let us know in the comments.

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