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09th Apr 2018

The 13 Commandments For Being Irish On Social Media

James Fenton

Social media is a massive part of all our lives these days. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Insta or Snapchat a good percentage of Irish society spends most of their say scrolling through news feeds and posting pics. 

Of course, to keep everything in order their has to be some rules. Here are our 13 commandments for using social media in Ireland.

1. Thou shall post a pic of a pint at Dublin Airport 

Even if it’s 7am. Don’t worry, you don’t have to drink it. 

2. Thou shall post pics from every single piss-up

So everyone knows you’re great craic. 

Shutterstock 527746840

3. Thou shall only wish ‘happy birthday’ to certain people

That lad from the J1 who you’ll never see again? No. The co-worker you don’t like but have to share a desk with? Yes. 

Screen Shot 2017 08 03 At 16 53 08

4. Thou shall ‘like’ most if not all Waterford Whispers articles

Sure aren’t the gas altogether.

Shutterstock 604954154

5. Thou shall ‘like’ all baby pics

Otherwise you hate the baby. Why would you hate a baby?

Shutterstock 93653833

6. Thou shall document any kind of outdoor activity 

Sunday stroll with the hunzos. 

7. Thou shall never friend request someone too soon after meeting them

Are you insane?

8. Thou shall not treat Facebook like your diary

Nobody gives a shite about the cat you saw yesterday.

9. Thou shall keep your moaning to yourself

Give it a rest. 

10. Thou shall post a poolside pic from your holliers

Along with ‘Not a bad Monday!’ 

11. Thou shall click ‘attending’ or ‘not attending’ on every single event

None of your ‘maybe’ shite.

Screen Shot 2017 08 03 At 17 07 57

12. Thou shall never ever post movie or TV spoilers 

Some of us might have recorded ‘Fair City’. 

13. Finally, the golden rule. Thou shall always ask before tagging someone in a photo 

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