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27th Sep 2018

Macklemore Firing Out Sentences In Irish Is The Best Thing You’ll Hear All Week

Darragh Berry

We knew that Macklemore loved Ireland from his song Irish Celebration and had a connection with our native land but we didn’t know his Irish was on point.

He features in the intro for Eoghan McDermott’s Ceol alongside Saoirse Ronan and he is fluent as f*ck.

Take a listen to this:

The RTÉ Presenter said in his tweet that:

“Saoirse Ronan & @macklemore recorded a spoken word intro as Gaeilge for #CEOL2018 & I love them for it. It’s about how the language is beautiful & versatile but delicate & needs people to help it along. Huge love to them for being involved. Please share the love! Failte go Ceol!X”

The famous rapper played in the 3arena back in 2018 and said that it was “nice to be home” while playing that gig.

Top man.

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