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07th Jul 2017

MEET THE TEAM: Marie Madden – Editor, Wino & Music Nerd


Marie is Editor-In-Chief at Lovin Media Group and has such an unhealthy obsession with stationary that she was given whiteboard markers for her last birthday.

When she’s not plotting a takeover over the global media landscape on Google Sheets, she’s usually sipping a nice bottle of red, listening to some Pearl Jam and gorging on cheese.

What would be your death row meal?

A really good medium-rare fillet steak and a bottle of Chianti

Cats or dogs?

Dogs, every time. Cats are evil, conniving creatures.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?


Northsider or Southsider?

Staunch Northsider and proud member of the D7 massive.

What Irish personality would you like to be for the day?

Imelda May. She’s basically living the dream.

Boojum or Burritos & Blues?

Boojum. Yes, I know guac is extra.

Who’s your dream dinner party guest?

Eddie Vedder. Or maybe Elvis.

Instagram or Snapchat?

Insta. I’m too old for Snapchat.

What country is on your bucket list?


One thing you can’t live without?

Music. And proximity to the sea.

Fave place in Ireland?

The Claddagh in Galway. My favourite place in the world.

Pat Kenny or Gay Byrne for the Toy Show?

Pat Kenny, just to be controversial.

Boyzone or Westlife?

My first album was Said & Done so it’s gotta be Boyzone.

Favourite Bieber banger?


Any hidden talent?

I can’t tell you or it wouldn’t be hidden.