Meghan Has Already Been Speaking About Harry's Parenting Skills

The baby hasn't even arrived yet

Harry And Meghan

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex don't have long to wait to meet the newest member of their family with Meghan due to give birth later in the spring.

The arrival of any baby is always a chaotic time but having the glare of the world's media aimed at you while you bring your little ones up can only add to the stress. As Harry prepares to become a dad for the first time, people will be wondering what kind of father he will be but if his wife's prediction is anything to go by he'll have a 'number one dad' mug on his table in no time.

Speaking to well-wishers at an awards do in London, Meghan was heard to say "He's going to be the best dad," while Harry gave his own update by saying "There's a heavy baby in there!", referring to Meghan's bump.

With his older bro already father to three royal sprogs, Harry won't have far to go for any parenting tips. His late-night partying of yesteryear will seem a long time ago when he's getting up for the night feed, that's for sure.

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