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27th Mar 2017

Men Can Now Check Sperm For Fertility On Their Phones

James Fenton

Some people may complain that our reliance on technology has gone to far but even they will admit that this is brilliant.

A new smartphone device could be set to help millions of couples around the world by testing a man’s sperm for fertility.

All that needs to be done is for users to place a small sample of sperm on a disposable microchip which is then slid into the phone attachment through a slot. The camera on the phone is then turned int a microscope which can analyse how fertile the sample is.

According to NPR, the project is led by Hadi Shafiee, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Shafiee wanted to allow untrained user to be able to measure there swimmers at home as simply as a pregnancy test. The results can then be sent to a doctor for professional assessment.

We can order food, book a holiday and now test our swimmers at home. Is there anything our phones can’t do?

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