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24th Oct 2018

PIC: Michael D Gave ‘The Dragons’ The Middle Finger Live On Last Night’s RTÉ Debate But You Probably Missed It

Darragh Berry

We mentioned how everyone said the same thing about this moment on last night’s debate but we’d say not everybody spotted this one.

So, Sean Gallagher was ganging up on Michael D last night. When Gallagher was asked why he didn’t take part in some of the debates, he used the current President as an example saying that he wasn’t involved in all of them either.

He poked fun at Higgins’ absence stating that ‘he was probably watching them at home while drinking a cup of coffee’.

Higgins bit back and said that he’s spent almost 50 years answering questions, at council level right up to being the head of state and that if he wanted to sit out a debate, he was more than entitled to do so.

Rawr, Michael D’s got clawz.

Anyway, as the two of ‘The Dragons’ – Peter Casey and Gavin Duffy – decided to fight amongst themselves, Michael D gave all three of them the slyest middle finger you will ever see.

Michael D Middle Finger Main

Credit: Reddit

Higgins has gone for the auld, ‘oh tired eye, better go scratch it with my middle finger’ flip-off.

This is a hard one to perfect.

You have to give a long enough scratch to execute the gesture while also not lingering too long in one position to make it look like you’re actually scratching your eye.

And Michael D has nailed that here.

That’s something to remember when you go to the polls this Friday.

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