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27th Jul 2018

Michael Healy Rae Thinks The Dáil Could Easily Be Turned Into ‘Love Island’


I think we can safely say that a lot of people are obsessed with ‘Love Island’. In a world of on-demand telly, ‘Love Island’ is appointment TV watching.

It seems like it’s even made it’s way to the attention of the politicians.

Michael Healy Rae TD, was on Spin Southwest today and he proposed turning the Dáil into ‘Love Island.’

Let’s say that one more time. Michael Healy Rae proposed TURNING THE DÁIL INTO LOVE FRICKIN ISLAND.

Wait it get’s better…

He said he would couple up, Mary Lou McDonald with Mattie McGrath, Gerry Adams with Ruth Coppinger and Micheál Martin with Mary Mitchell O’Connor.

All we have to say is, we would pay money to see Gerry and Ruth on a date.

And even though he mugged off Luke Ming Flanagan, we still think they’d make a great couple.


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