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19th Jun 2018

Very Famous RTÉ Face Being Used To Promote Product Scam

Darragh Berry

We’re very familiar with seeing her face on our television screen but alarm bells should ring if you see her name attached to any products.

Prime Time broadcaster and former chat-show host Miriam O’Callaghan has confirmed on Tuesday that she has nothing to do with a scam beauty line that is using her name to market products.

Miriam told RTÉ’S Liveline that the product, TryVix, is a scam and that her lawyers have got involved and have taken the ads down.

A confused caller, Vicki McNulty from Galway rang up the show and told the host how she came across an advert that said the host was leaving RTÉ to set up he own beauty line.

“Basically the webpage was saying that Miriam O’Callaghan was leaving RTE to develop and market this wonderful anti-aging cream so I got curious.

“I read the article and it showed pictures of Miriam with other colleagues from RTE, well-known colleagues and there were testimonials and at the bottom of the page they said they were sending out free samples of the product.”

However, she was contacted by the Financial Crime Unit of Bank of Ireland to discuss the transactions on the account and was told that her transaction was cancelled and future transactions would be blocked.

“With this particular type of website, normally there’s a box that you tick at the very bottom, which I didn’t see to unsubscribe from receiving the product or which disallows them from debiting different amounts from your account,” the caller explained.

Vicky said that although that particular product she bought at the time has disappeared, two other products are being sold under what seems to be O’Callaghan’s recommendations on the web.

“I just thought because they were using a very well-known TV presenter Miriam O’Callaghan that other people may fall for this.”

“So just if anyone is interested in buying any of those products tell them to stay away from them.”

Lovin Media Group found this article on Tuesday which asks the question: “Is Miriam O’Callaghan leaving her hit series for” this certain product.

It also says that the TV presenter says this about the “revolutionary product”.

“It uses all-natural ingredients to fight the signs of aging skin, and it’s going to help so many women to look and feel their best.”

Miriam O’Callaghan has categorically denied the involvement with any beauty line on the radio show.

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