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14th Sep 2018

Mrs Doyle’s First Name Has Finally Been Revealed By Father Ted Writer After All These Years

Darragh Berry

“Tea, father?”

The funny thing is, we never actually even thought about what Mrs Doyle’s name was, ever.

She was Mrs Doyle and that was it.

But when Mario Rosenstock asked Arthur Matthews the question on Friday morning for Today FM, a button clicked in everyone’s head in Ireland.

What is her actual name.

Well the Father Ted writer has finally put us out of our misery by admitting that her name is…


Mrs Joan Doyle.

Also, on a bit of a weird side note: the man didn’t get 100% on the Father Ted quiz that Rosenstock put towards him.

Some Father Ted fans out there are going to be very disappointed with him.

Can you get 100% in our Father Ted quiz? Try it below and see.

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