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27th Mar 2020

M&S is selling cheese Easter eggs and we’re intrigued

Sarah Finnan

M&S has come out with a range of savoury cheese Easter eggs.

Think of Easter and you think of chocolate…but what if you don’t like chocolate? Such people do exist would you believe. Well, knowing that chocolate isn’t for everyone (I’m as surprised as you are), M&S has come out with with a range of cheese Easter eggs suited for the more savoury inclined.

A cheese and egg hybrid, the new totally cheesy Easter eggs are made from Barber’s farmhouse cheddar with a vintage Red Leicester ‘yolk’ middle – covered in duck-egg blue wax to give the illusion of a shell. They sound intriguing, to say the least.

M&S cheese Easter eggs

I imagine they’d go down quite well paired with a glass of wine and a couple of crackers.

Speaking of the new product, M&S product developer, Rosie Eiduks, said:

“Delicious as it is, we know not everyone loves chocolate. Those with a more savoury-tooth can sometimes feel left out of the fun at Easter, so this year, we wanted to create a must-have gift for cheese lovers too!”

You can pick up a six-pack of mini cheesy eggs for €12.50 (they even come in a realistic cardboard egg carton) or opt for a big egg for €11.80.

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