Christmas FM Are ALREADY Looking For Volunteers For 2017

Here's how you can get involved...


Santa has barely even put his feet up after his 2016 exploits but Ireland's favourite festive radio station Christmas FM is already recruiting volunteers for this year. 

The charity station raised more than €360,000 with their last edition and will be hoping to beat that incredible record next time around. 

They have now announced their training course for 2017 which is set to take place on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday March 4 and 5 in Ballsbridge in Dublin. Fear not if you have no previous radio experience as a professional team of Christmas FM will be on hand to teach all participants everything the need to know about the station. 

Previous volunteers presented live on air shows for the main station as well as Global Christmas FM, the international online version. 

More information can be viewed in the Facebook post below:

We can't think of a more worthwhile or enjoyable way to spend the build-up to Christmas this year.

Know anyone who this would suit? Let them know in the comments. 

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