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15th Mar 2020

The Coronas would change their name if they were a new band

Darragh Murphy

The Coronas coronavirus

The Coronas have conceded that they have “such an unfortunate band name” as the global coronavirus crisis worsens.

Emergency measures are currently in place in Ireland as the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 continues to increase.

Schools, colleges, cultural institutions and childcare centres have all been closed for two weeks in an attempt to halt the spread of coronavirus in this country.

The Coronas, who are currently on tour in Dubai, have acknowledged that the name of their band adds a strange element to their experience of the crisis.

Speaking to NME, lead singer Danny O’Reilly said: “It’s just got to a whole new level in Ireland. We’re thinking that they may do a full lockdown and there’s concern that we might not get home, but we’re aiming to get back on Monday.

“No one really knows or can predict what’s happening. Everyone’s living day by day. It’s unfortunate for us that we have such an unfortunate band name. That throws another weirdness into the mix.”

While The Coronas may have to cancel a number of shows, including their upcoming American tour, the Irish band have not seriously entertained the idea of changing their name as they are too established at this point.

If they were a newer group, however, it’s something that they would consider.

“We haven’t even thought about it,” O’Reilly said when asked if the thought about changing the group’s name. “We’ve been around for five albums and this is a new disease. It’s having a big affect on everything and it’s a hard one to judge.

“If we were a brand new band I’d say, ‘Absolutely, of course’. We haven’t considered re-branding. Who knows what affect this will have?”

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