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23rd Oct 2018

The Scariest Films To Watch On Netflix This Halloween

Kiara Keane

Halloween is just around the corner and that means one thing – eating our weight in sweets while watching scary films. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites to give you a bit of inspiration for your next spooky movie marathon, from the classics to the downright terrifying.


This Spanish horror film is based on a true story which makes it all the more terrifying. It’s about the unsolved murder of a young girl in Madrid who mysteriously died after using a Ouija board and her parents claimed the house then became haunted. It’s been dubbed ‘the scariest movie in years’ so you probably shouldn’t watch this one alone.

Paranormal Activity 2

This found-footage style film about a couple documenting their experiences of living in a haunted house made it on to the official Netflix list of scariest films that Irish people just can’t finish. It’s a must this Halloween if you’re feeling brave enough.


This one is produced by James Wan, who also created The Conjuring and Saw, so you know it’s going to be bloody terrifying and it was such a hit that it spawned another three films.

It tells the story of a family whose son becomes possessed after falling into a mysterious coma when they move into a new house.

Gerald’s Game

Based on the book by Stephen King, this psychological horror follows a woman’s desperate attempt to escape from being handcuffed to a bed after a kinky game with her husband.

They’re in an isolated house in the middle of nowhere when he drops dead in the middle of it all – literally nightmare material. It’s got a solid 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, too.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few classics thrown in for good measure and this 1997 slasher is just the thing for a scary movie marathon.


The latest instalment in the Saw franchise follows another spate of murders with all the markings of the man himself, except he’s been dead for 10 years so police are desperately trying to figure out who could have done it before it’s too late.


Two sisters who went missing for five years after their parents’ death are eventually found in a cabin in the woods, but a very creepy spirit named Mama follows them when they go to live with their aunt and uncle.


Two American friends’ dream backpacking trip across Europe turns into a nightmare when the hostel they go to is absolutely not what it seems. There’s a serious amount of murder and gore in this one so best not to watch this one right before bed.


This supernatural horror classic (which is also adapted from a book by Stephen King) sees shy and awkward Carrie finally snap after years of bullying at the hands of her classmates and incredibly religious mother.

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