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06th Feb 2019

PIC: Netflix’s ‘Newest’ Genre Is Gaining Millions Of Viewers Because Of These Three Documentaries

Darragh Berry

If you haven’t been horrified but extremely interested in what you’ve been watching on Netflix lately, then you’ve been watching the wrong things.

I’m not a big Netflix-user but during the last month, I’ve felt like I’ve had no choice but to watch some of the big hitters on the streaming website.

Fyre came first.

Titled ‘The Festival That Never Happened’, it was a musical cluster-f*ck that people paid thousands to attend.

If you’ve seen it, then this one man sums up the whole documentary.

The Ted Bundy Tapes will have you anticipating someone bursting into your room while you sleep for the next 3 weeks.

But nothing is as messed up as ‘Abducted In Plain Sight’. The story of how a known paedophile sexually befriended a mother, her husband and their 12-year-old daughter, all at the same time.

Netflix believe that you can file these all under a new genre that they like to call “what in the actual f*ck”.

And the thing is, if this genre was to exist, it’d probably be our go-to everytime we logged in.

Here’s what else they suggest for watching once you’ve finished those:

– casting jonbenet

– evil genius

– the confession tapes

– the keepers

– wild wild country

– captive for 18 years: the jaycee lee story

Who’s joining us for a “what in the actual beeeeep” marathon?

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