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01st Jun 2017

8 Hilarious Irish Comedy Acts You Need To Be Following On Facebook

James Fenton

From Dermot Morgan and Brendan Grace, Tommy Tiernan and Dylan Moran and everyone else in between, Ireland has a rich history of producing hilarious comedians that have had the country’s sides splitting for generations. 

The industry as always been tough to break into but in these modern times, anyone and everyone can post their witty takes on the world online for all to see. 

Irish internet is currently crawling with gas men and women, and we’ve compiled some of our favourites below.

Each and every one is worth a ‘thumbs up’ on Facebook as most post weekly, even daily, dollops of hilarity. 

A new wave of Irish comedy is very much upon us. Enjoy and remember to give them all a ‘like’.

1. Emma Doran 

In our opinion, this girl is the queen of deadpan. Her ‘get the look’ videos have evolved to pretty accurate words of advice for everything from attending mass to being on a diet. 

2. Tony Cantwell

This fella shot to internet fame earlier this year with his hilarious Clongowes video which you’ve all probably seen by now but there’s shitloads more where that came from. 

Anyone for a soft drink?

3. Rory’s Stories

The Ashbourne funnyman started off by sending up GAA culture but has now evolved to all aspects of Irish society.

Nobody encapsulates drinking culture or the pain of a hangover as much as this man and his relationship skits with fellow comedian ‘Giz A Laugh’ are completely accurate and very relatable.

4. Fupin Eejits

If you like your humour a bit on the surreal side then these up and comers are well worth a follow.

5. The Two Johnnies

The Tipp lads have really got their finger on the pulse modern Irish culture.

6. Al Foran

The impressionist is already well on his way to stardom both here and in the UK with his spot-on takes on Hollywood’s finest including Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino.

Foran also often sends up football’s most famous figures so if you’re a fan of the beautiful game you won’t be disappointed. 

7. Jen Hatton

Her talent lies in making everyday, mundane situations hilarious. This sketch on female driving habits is a must-see.

8. Foil Arms And Hog

The grandaddies of the current wave of online comedians, they’ve already performed to sold-out audiences across Ireland and the UK. 

The consistency of their posts (usually released every Thursday morning) is pretty impressive and they’re only getting better every week. 

Expect bigger and better things for the trio soon. 

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