Niall Horan's Mullingar Mansion is up for sale

By Fiona Frawley

May 12, 2022 at 5:28pm


Sunday mornings in his own bedsheets.

Disclaimer: Niall's actual bedsheets may not be included.

This one goes out to all the One Direction stans with the guts of €800k to splurge on a gaff in Westmeath: Niall Horan's mansion is up for sale.

The 6 bedroom, 6 bath house sits on 10 acres of land, with "panoramic views" of the surrounding countryside.

Stylistically, there's a lot going on. The exterior is giving old school episodes of MTV Cribs - you're almost expecting Missy Elliot to welcome us in and give us a look at her Lamborghini bed.

Once inside, you're greeted by a grand hall which bears a striking resemblance to that of the Rose family at the start of Schitt's Creek - before they're shipped off to Rosebud Motel, that is.


The many reception rooms and games rooms make ample use of pine furnishings, fixtures and doors (harking back to the chests of drawers and blanket boxes every Irish house collected a rake of Supervalu tokens to get back in the early 2000s), and the silvery chrome kitchen fixtures and frosted glass protecting cabinet tops evoke the mood of your mam's good room that's only used at Christmas.

Niall Horan's 500m² home is on sale for €775,000 and just so you know, it's considered bad luck to change the name of a house. Il Sogno for life.

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