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20th Dec 2016

Old Spice Have Lost Their Mind In New SuperBowl Commercial


With the SuperBowl just under a week away a lot of the commercials are making their way online and Old Spice have upped their game in… the crazy stakes.

Don’t get me wrong, the advert is funny and interesting but for 49 seconds I wasn’t really sure what was being advertised. Terry Crews plays himself, his wife and an old man and once the advert comes near the end it has an almost Michael Bay feel to it with explosions all over the place.

Yes, the commercial does it’s job in getting your attention because if messes with your damn head as you try and figure out what the fuck just happened. And I sat their for a few minutes before I realised, oh yes they’re advertising… razors? Just take a look for yourself and you’ll see what I mean and maybe the people at Old Spice have officially lost their minds.