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20th Dec 2017

One Irish Baby Girl Name Is Going To Be All Over America Next Year

Darragh Berry

Love her or hate her, Saoirse Ronan is on the lips of everyone. Her acting means she has become a global superstar and America has been trying to claim her as one of their own every since.

The Americans are in love with and puzzled by her name. They just can’t pronounce it no matter how many times she tries to help them.

Her name has become such an enigma that people are deciding to call their baby girls Saoirse, whether they can pronounce it or not..

The Sun is reporting that the name Saoirse has entered the top 1,000 list of baby names in the US for first time ever.

It has doubled in popularity since 2015 in The States and is currently at number 983 on the list.

Nameberry – a leading baby name website – said that the name Saoirse was the most surprising celebrity name inspiration…

“It’s a testament to the star power of young Irish actress Saoirse Ronan that she’s propelled her unlikely name to stardom. Don’t get us wrong, we love the exotic Irish Saoirse, and so do many new parents: It was the third furthest-rising girls’ name in this year’s statistics.

“But the spelling and pronunciation can be baffling to anyone who didn’t study the Irish language. Those three vowels in a row are particularly problematic for English speakers, along with the final se pronounced as if it were sha. Correct pronunciation: SEER-sha.”

The Irish invasion continues…

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