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30th Nov 2017

One Of Netflix’s Best Crime Thrillers Is Getting A Second Series

Darragh Berry

Netflix has just confirmed the news we’ve all been dying to hear as the epic crime thriller series Mindhunter is definitely returning to our screens for a second season. 

Are you excited? Because we are bloody excited.

There was a lot of love for this when it was announced first on Netflix a couple of months ago and being honest, there was never really any doubt about a second series, was there? 

It’s set in the 1970s and follows two FBI agents who try to understand the severely damaged brains of serial killers – and more importantly try to keep one step ahead and catch them. 

The show features Jonathan Groff (Looking), Holt McCallany (Sully), Anna Torv (Fringe), Hannah Gross (Unless) and newcomer Cameron Britton, who portrays serial killer Ed Kemper on the series, and has drawn raves for his performance.
Joe Penhall (The Road) created the series. David Fincher (Gone Girl, The Social Network, Zodiac), Joshua Donen (Gone Girl, The Quick and the Dead) Charlize Theron (Girlboss, Hatfields & McCoys) and Cean Chaffin (Gone Girl, Fight Club) are executive producers.
The well-reviewed series has been stamped with a whopping 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, and was lauded by critics for its reinvention of the crime procedural, when it premiered in October.

Anyway, it’s time for us to stop talking. Here’s a trailer from the second season. 

Ladies and gentleman, we need to talk to more subjects.