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18th Sep 2018

PICS: Everyone Was Saying The Exact Same Phrase Online After Inspirational RTÉ Orla Tinsley ‘Warrior’ Documentary

Darragh Berry

On Monday night, RTÉ aired the inspirational ‘Warrior’ documentary which followed Orla Tinsley, a cystic fibrosis sufferer, as she waited for a lung transplant in New York.

The journalist and writer’s journey gripped the heart of everybody who watched her #ninjamoves.

Tinsley had been top of the waiting list at the age of 30 as her lung capacity and chance of seeing her next birthday decreased rapidly.

She got numerous calls about a possible donor and her excitement each time was infectious.

But, when it came to light that the lungs were not healthy enough to be used, she was sad but would remain extremely positive and hopeful that the next ‘call’ would be the one.

After facing a bout of infection that almost took her life before Christmas, on the 21st December, 2017, Orla finally got her transplant.

Her happiness about finally receiving the transplant did not override her gratitude to and sympathy for the family of the donor.

Her story does not end just because of the transplant and it’s certainly about taking baby steps each day for Orla but her story left everyone saying the same thing online.

They were getting a donor card as soon as possible.

If you missed the inspirational documentary, you can find it on the RTÉ Player here.

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