People Are Angry About A Part Of Planet Earth That Has Been Confirmed As Fake


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Planet Earth 2 has been met with some fantastic praise over the past few weeks, bringing us closer to the animal kingdom than ever.

And while we love learning about the animal kingdom and seeing them interact, hunt and live, there is one part of the show that viewers are not very happy about.

Sunday night's episode made for fantastic viewing, as per, buuuuut some wiley tweeters have found out that the sound coming from the screen was fake.

The straw that broke the camel's back were the sounds that could be heard as a jaguar crunched into a caiman’s skull and the sound of the millipede’s footsteps.

The BBC bosses have since responded to the claims and have admitted to recreating some of the sounds in the studio.

They do this to “create a sense of a wild place, as well as emotion and drama” according to the Sun.

Range and ambient noise ensure quite a lot of wild sounds simply cannot be recorded in the field. As a result, wildlife film-makers often turn to sound designers to recreate something that sounds like it would in the wild - a soundtrack that is true to nature. 

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