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28th Feb 2020

People fell in love with these lamb quadruplets on the RTE News last night

James Fenton

Quadruplets aren’t something you see every day which is why there was an audible squeal across the nation when this lot appeared on RTE News last night.

Once people got over the hilarious one-liners provided by the Kelly brothers though, there was another set of quads that captured everyone’s attention. The quartet of baby lambs were born on Tuesday and were greeted by the four Kelly boys, who are all just shy of their fifth birthday.

As always when such monumental events take place, RTE News was all over the story and by the looks of things, their audience was loving the report on the new arrivals on the Six One News yesterday evening.

Teresa Mannion was in Offaly to keep viewers up to speed on the progress of Bubbles, Chloe, Frosty and Betty, as named by their new best pals Charlie, Luke, James and Tom and it seems like the whole gang are getting on famously.

While the eight pals were the main subject of the report, a special mention should go to the lads’ older brother Matthew, who told Teresa that he wants to be “a farmer, a hunter and a football player” when he grows up. Dream big, kiddo.

Judging by the comments on the below video, it’s one of RTE’s most popular reports in a while and in this world of doom and gloom, it’s well worth taking a couple of minutes out of your day to watch.

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