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18th Oct 2017

PIC: This Angry Letter From A 1995 Irish Newspaper Is Doing The Rounds Again


We’re a nation that is very vocal when it comes to voicing our opinions, particularly when we don’t actually have to confront anyone face to face.

And this cross letter to the editor of a newspaper in 1995 has surfaced again after a Reddit user, EagleScout89 posted the newspaper clipping on the Ireland subreddit page.

The letter was printed in the Tipperary Star and Frank, the writer of the angry note was not so happy about the Féile music festival taking place and how it disturbed the Christian town.

Have a look at the letter for yourself:

One part reads, “The members of his board and of Semple Stadium committee should apologise to the decent Christian people of Thurles for the most vulgar and unedifying display of sex, drugs, drunkenness and vile language on our streets and on the hollowed ground of the stadium”.

“…Is all that we ever thought was right or Christian to be washed away in a sea of beer and fornication foisted upon us by our very own GAA – how the mighty have fallen!”

Say what you really mean, Frank.

header image: EagleScout89/Reddit

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