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20th Dec 2016

PIC: Here Are The Most Popular Websites By Country


The most popular websites in the world by country have been revealed and weirdly, there’s nare a mention of Pornhub.

Alexa ranked the websites and indy100 rendered it into glorious map form (because everything is better in map form).

Check it out below.

Most Popular Websites By Country

Credit: Louis Doré/Carto

So it would appear that Google pretty much dominates the world, while YouTube comes out on top in places like Kazakhstan, Georgia, Cambodia and Algeria.

Dominating Russia’s vast landmass is the social networking service VK, while publications come out on top in Palestine with Alwatan VoiceAlbania with Gazeta Express, and Malta with Times Of Malta (although we’re pretty sure it’s gonna be Lovin Malta any day now).

What’s your most visited site other than Google? Let us know in the comments.

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