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16th Jun 2017

PIC: Irish Director Of ‘Handsome Devil’ Received This Heartwarming Message From A Parent


First of all, if you haven’t seen Handsome Devil, the stand-out Irish flick of the year that tells the story of how two boys – one a sensitive music-lover and the other rugby obsessed – form an unlikely friendship in a Dublin boarding school, then you need to.

Like, right now.

The film deals with issues such as bullying and coming out, and received high praise from fans and critics alike.

Director John Boyle though, just received a message from a family that is better than any award.

He said: “I got this little message today, via my agent’s website, and quite honestly, I’m a little overcome. 

There are baubles and gongs and box office receipts, and I’d be lying if I said that those things didn’t have great value – in my mind and in that of any film-maker who isn’t a liar. But really, what is more important than a note like this one?”

John Butler

We’d have to agree. What a lovely, lovely thing. <3

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