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27th Jun 2017

PIC: The Daily Mail’s Attempt At Slagging Irish People Is As Baffling As It Is Unfunny

James Fenton

Well, this is both confusing and unfunny in equal measure.

Everyone’s favourite moralistic daily has produced a cartoon today and it’s not completely clear if it’s a dig at the Democratic Unionist Party or Irish people in general. 

The Daily Mail’s cartoonist, or ‘Mac In The Mail’, would clearly want to brush up on the inner workings of the DUP after its £1bn deal with British PM Theresa May.

Before you take a look, please note that we take no responsibility if your sides begin to split.  


Let’s go through what we think they were trying to get at.

1) “Irish people love drinking pints of Guinness.” – Firstly, we do yeah and so what? Secondly, yeah good one, lads. That gag will never get old. 

2) “The DUP, being a political party based in Northern Ireland clearly like drinking Guinness too.” – Yeah, they’re generally seen as teetotal. In fact, a champagne reception they held in October 2016 was seen as the first alcoholic drinks reception the DUP had ever organised at a party conference.

3) Also, if they did drink, Guinness probably won’t be their tipple of choice seeing as former leader Ian Paisley once described it as ‘the devil’s buttermilk.’ 

So… yeah. Try again, fellas!

The ‘gag’ has baffled people on social media since it was released earlier.

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