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14th Jun 2017

PIC: This Screenshot Showcases Just How Useless Google Translate Is When It Comes To Irish


Google Translate is a fickle mistress. 

On the one hand, you can copy and paste a whole untranslated paragraph into a box and all of a sudden magically (sort of) understand it all, and on the other, it’s potentially the worst thing to come out of the internet in forever.

Not even exaggerating. 

Check out a classic example of this from reddit user A-klein-bottle with this utterly useless so-called ‘translation’.

L H5 Vxxag Pfo8B8E Pt Qu Kb5 C91Du I2Sd Tii Q2B20


Gaeilgeoirs, teachers and Leaving Cert students will unfortunately know this pain all too well. And as for the rest of us… Even we can tell that this is laughable. 

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