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20th Dec 2016

PICS: This Irish Woman Lost Her Phone And Was Shocked By What Someone Did To Return It


We have all been there; the desperate pat of the pocket, the frantic searching of your bag, the retracing of your steps – you have lost your phone.

Some of us (me included) will never see our beautiful, shiny phones again. We feel naked without them until we make the plunge and buy ourselves a new one.

But sometimes, the planets align, your chakras are in the right place, and your Nana said a prayer (I’m not sure of the exact science of being this lucky as it has NEVER happened to me) and some kind hearted soul returns it to you. 

This is exactly what happened after this Irishwoman dropped her phone from a ski lift in the middle of the Canadian mountains.

Kelsey Barr from Co. Down told Belfast Live all about how her hero tracked her down.

“He used my memory card to go through pictures and because I own my own company he found a picture which lead him to my website and then I got an email asking if I had an employee by the name of Kelsey Barr worked for me.”

Email1 2

And then she got her phone back!


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