This Is Freddy And At 7 Foot Tall He Has Just Been Named The World's Tallest Dog

Imagine the food bill!!

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When he stands on his hind legs and greets his owner Freddy is a full 2 foot higher measuring a staggering 7 foot tall. This great dane is now officially the world's tallest dog and he weighs in at well over 100 KG.

Freddy lives with his sister Fleur (who is only slightly smaller) and you can follow all their antics on a daily basis over on their Facebook page.

The four year old spends most of his time napping but does enjoy a 40 minute walk every day where bystanders must literally think it is a horse that is walking down the other side of the road. 

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His owner,Claire Stoneman, brings him out early in the morning so he doesn't spook other dogs because there would be very little she could do to stop him if Freddy decided to make a run for it. 

We could look at pictures of giant Freddy all day long. Just wouldn't want to have to pick up his poop after him.

What a legend.

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