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20th Feb 2017

Pint Baby Has Been Found – And Will Be On RTÉ News Tonight


So, unless you’ve planted your head firmly in the sand over the past few days, you’ll have heard of the tiny Irish phenomenon that is Pint Baby.

Pint Baby featured on Nationwide, back in 1997, which was played once more on RTÉ the other night.

This, obviously, sent Irish Twitter into a frenzy.

But something that we never expected to happen, was that Pint Baby would be found, living among us no less.

Pint Baby hasn’t been named just yet (just as well as the poor thing won’t be called anything other than ‘Pint Baby’ for the rest of his life), but he will be featuring on tonight’s RTÉ news, with thanks to Cian McCormack.

FINALLY, some news we actually want to tune into.

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