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06th Feb 2019

Prince Harry Got A Serious Warning Before Marrying Meghan Markle

Darragh Berry

A Royal Expert has said that Prince Harry got an almighty warning before his wedding to Meghan Markle in May 2018.

The warning came from none other than his older brother, Prince William but according to the expert, his advice fell on deaf ears.

Prince William felt that Harry and Meghan’s relationship was going too fast and that things needed to slow down before they decided to tie the knot.

After all, the couple were married within two years of first hooking up together so it was pretty nifty alright.

The Royal Expert told Channel 5 that the brotherly advice from William only made things faster and more hectic between the newlyweds as the youngest Royal took the advice to heart.

“Harry is hugely protective of Meghan, he saw that as criticism, he interpreted that as his brother not really being behind this marriage.

“I don’t think things have been quite right ever since.”

Meghan has had a hard time of it since marrying Prince Harry.

The Royal staff have harshly given her this nickname to reflect her “controlling behaviour”.

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