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12th Oct 2018

Someone On Reddit Has Heaped Praise On Ireland After His Recent Visit


From the Ring of Kerry to the Giants Causeway, most of us know how incredible our little country is.

We’re used to people(ourselves included) being blown away by it. And while we try not to take it for granted, a certain amount of indifference can start to creep in now and again.

However, this beautiful olde to Éire will immediately remind you of how ridiculously blessed we are to live call this island home.

Reddit user, Carrotdadsupreme, described his trip to Ireland in such lovely detail it will make you want to rent a car, grab a couple of friends and go for an epic road trip around the country.

A couple of things really stand out in his love letter to Ireland and we just had to share them with you.

1. He describes Killarney as “sick”

While we’ve never heard Killarney described quite like that before, it’s a class place, and we’re glad he recognised its coolness.

2.“We were amazed that you can literally get a weeks-worth of groceries at a damn gas station.”

You can’t just go for petrol, you have to pick up the bread, milk and the dinner too.

3.”One major cliche that people express when asked about trips to Ireland is that “it is sooooo green.” I come from a place where the countryside is flat, desolate, and full of nothing but corn, so the vibrant greens were mesmerizing. And it proves that your country is really fucking green. I genuinely appreciated that.”

We appreciate that you appreciated it, Carrotdadsupreme.

4. “Friday morning was our day to check out Connemara. So, the three of our hungover selves set off. Little did we know just how incredible this drive was. I was floored. This was arguably my favorite day. I felt so small when driving through the mountains. I will never forget how majestic and beautiful it all was; so surreal.”

We still haven’t gotten over the majesty of Connemara either.

The sound lad went on to thank us for allowing him to experience Ireland, and tbh we’re basically bawling right now and full of pride for Ireland.

“Thank you for allowing me to experience your beautiful homeland, and thank you for showing me such kindness. For what it’s worth, I am counting down the days until I can come back. I did not get to see nearly enough, and I am beyond eager to experience even more. 6 days in your country was not enough. I would argue that a lifetime in your country may not be enough, but call me biased. I fell in love with Ireland, and I owe it to the land and all of its people. Thank you.”

This guy should definitely come back for another visit.

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