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06th Sep 2018

PIC: This Never-Before-Heard Roy Keane Story Is Going Insanely Viral

Darragh Berry

We’re well versed at this stage about the power of Roy Keane’s stare.

Whether he’s grilling a journalist about not turning off their phone or he’s blanking an Inter Milan player in the handshake for tying their shoelace, sometimes Keano’s facial expression just did enough.

And it ended up costing Peter Crouch a serious amount of dosh.

In an excerpt from his new book, Crouchy explained that Roy Keane’s look was the deciding factor in him selling his brand new car.

He explains:

“I was playing for Liverpool and England, so I’m thinking, ‘I’ve arrived’, so the Megane can go for an Aston Martin. But I knew it wasn’t me. Getting in it was a struggle, and I never felt right in it.

“But I pulled up alongside Roy Keane, with a bit of speed garage playing, the sunglasses on, window down, arm out. Then I looked at Roy and he looked at me, and you’ve seen Roy look at people in that way. He looked at me, and it’s the smallest I’ve ever felt.

“It was a look of sheer disgust. I have to thank Roy, I don’t even know if he knew it was me or some idiot stopped at the lights, but after he took off and left me in his wake I looked at myself in the mirror… and sold the car that week, and took a big hit on it. It wasn’t me.”

Crouchy fitting into an Aston Martin, it’s an absolute disgraceeee, nonsense.

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