RTÉ 2's New Show About Irish 25-35 Year Olds Looks Really Deadly

''People aren't living, they're surviving''

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RTÉ and RTÉ 2 are known for their pretty stellar documentaries.

Over the past few years, we've seen ones about homelessness, growing up homosexual in Ireland and the importance of mental health. 

Their newest show, entitled Generation F'ED, is about Ireland's 25-35 year olds, and the struggles they face every day. Between trying to afford buying a house, raising kids, and even the struggles of getting a job. 

It sounds really interesting. Watch the trailer below and see for yourself. 

Looks pretty insightful, right?

We hope the powers-that-be tune in, and catch a glimpse into why so many have emigrated, and the tough realities of living in the Emerald Isle. 

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Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin.T: @katedemolder / kate@lovin.com