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11th Jul 2017

RTÉ And TV3 Are Both Providing Some Unmissable Telly Tonight

James Fenton

In this era of Netflix and perfectly legal internet streaming, it takes a lot for us to look at a TV schedule and actually feel quite impressed.

Tonight, however, it seems like both RTÉ and TV3 have come up with the goods. The only thing is, we can’t decide which one to watch tonight and which one to record for another evening.

Whether it’s a crime caper you’re after or a documentary on the life of one of Ireland’s favourite singer-songwriters, we’ve got you covered.

It looks like it’s not going to be a great evening in terms of weather so put your feet up and take your pick from the following.

Ordinary Decent Criminal – TV3 9pm

A Dublin-based comedy crime movie from 2000. Kevin Spacey stars as Michael Lynch, a criminal bigamously married to two sisters, who earns the respect of the Dublin public despite his run-ins with the law.

Sound familiar? That’s because the movie is based loosely on the life of Martin Cahill, the notorious Dublin criminal who was gunned down in 1994.

While ODC didn’t exactly win widespread acclaim from critics, it’s worth watching just to snigger at Kevin Spacey’s debatable accent and the chance to catch a glimpse of a young Colin Farrell. Plus, it’s always fun seeing how Ireland looks on screen.

It’s lighter in tone than The General, another movie about Cahill, and has enough moments to keep you entertained of a Tuesday evening.

This Is Christy – RTÉ 1 9.35pm

An intimate documentary on the remarkable life of Aslan lead singer Christy Dignam.

Since forming the band in the early 80s, Christy and his bandmates have captivated Irish audiences with their string of hit singles and albums as well as their sold-out tours around the country.

In recent years, Christy has faced a much-publicised battle with cancer and tonight’s programme shows how the illness impacts on his daily life.

Judging by the trailer, it looks like a must-watch and should resonate with anyone who has been affected by cancer.

On top of that, it looks to be unmissable viewing for Aslan fans or music fans in general.

Which one will you be watching?

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