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20th Feb 2018

RTÉ’s Claire Byrne Stands By Controversial Moment That Happened On Her Show

Darragh Berry

The Irish Independent is reporting that RTÉ presenter, Claire Byrne has told the High Court on Tuesday that she stands by a decision she made on her radio show.

Byrne allowed a Sinn Féin representative, Joe Costello who was a TD at the time, to defend a man who had been named as a former chief-of-staff of the IRA live on air.

The moment came under fire after the discussion ended and the man named believed that she should have shut down the conversation immediately.

Sinn Féin political manager Nicky Kehoe was named on the radio show in the same discussion and he believes that he was defamed when he was referred to as the former IRA chief-of-staff on the Saturday with Claire Byrne show in October 2015.

He believes that the conversation should have been shut down and believes his reputation was ruined “in one swipe”.

RTE denies his claims.

The case is ongoing.

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