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18th Oct 2018

PIC: RTÉ Deleted This Tweet About Pat Kenny And Virgin Media One Late Last Night

Darragh Berry

Next week, we will be taking to the polling booths to vote for the next President of Ireland.

Debates are coming at us thick and fast these days and while Claire Byrne’s debate had an intruder in the audience, Pat Kenny’s debate went off without a hitch.

There was nothing to write home about from it, there was no moments of madness or memorable quotes but it did feature all 6 candidates including the current President, Michael D. Higgins.

Higgins was also joined by Sean Gallagher who sat out the debate on Monday night also.

If we’re being honest, it was a boring enough debate and there was no major incident that would sway anyone’s vote from one person to another.

RTÉ agreed and said that although there was no “knock-out blow…it was a fast-moving programme with plenty of talking points.”

However, they left a few people scratching their heads when they posted, then deleted, then re-posted a similar tweet about the debate on their Twitter page.

Exact same tweet but the new one excludes the words ‘Virgin Media One’…

Very strange that RTÉ felt the need to change this although it really makes no difference to the whole text.

Peter Casey’s comments about the travelling community were questioned while Sean Gallagher came under fire for not appearing on the debate Monday night but the same fire wasn’t thrown in the direction of Higgins.

The President said that he had been answering questions since 1969 and that if didn’t want to do a debate, that was his decision.

The next debate will be on Prime Time next week with David McCullagh as host.

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