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23rd Aug 2018

One Of The Most Insightful Irish Sports Docs Ever Is On RTÉ Tonight

Darragh Berry

There’s not many programmes that would entice you to stay up past midnight on a Thursday – we want to get to sleep as quick as possible so it’ll be Friday sooner – but this sports doc will certainly have you on the couch albeit in your jammies.

It’s nearly four years old at this stage but ‘Being AP’ is still one of the most brilliant sports documentary this country has seen.

McCoy will forever be regarded as one of the greatest jump jockeys of horse racing and the documentary follows his last year on the circuit.

The jockey became notorious for claiming win after win and breaking multiple records on the way.

It shows the behind the scenes of his daily routine as he delves into the nature of a sport that has captured his imagination uncontrollably for years.

The documentary has gotten a rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes so you know that it’s a good ‘un.

It’s on RTÉ One on Thursday night at 22:45 and will keep you up until just shy of 1am, so make a few cups of tea to stay awake but not too many so that you’ll end up staring at the ceiling at 4am.

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