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21st Jun 2018

RTÉ Are Looking For Participants For Their New Show About Managing Money


To be fair, everyone should probably sign up for this.

RTÉ are looking for participants for their new show, How to be Good with Money, where they will show people how to manage their finances.

Which is dead handy seeing as we’re always broke…

Financial planner Eoin McGee presents this eye-opening and highly informative new series for RTÉ One, which sets out to make the nation more financially literate. Each week, Eoin helps a household to manage their money and reach a goal they thought they’d never achieve.

In each episode, Eoin helps a household with their finances. Some will be struggling, others less so, but all will have a clear financial goal or aspiration. Eoin will also provide viewers with accessible and useful tips and advice on how to become smarter with their money.

Across the series, Eoin will meet six very different households – a mix of families in financial trouble, or those facing a big upcoming spend – a much-needed renovation, a wedding, a house or a dream holiday. He’ll find out about the household’s financial issues and observe their current behaviours, spending and circumstance.

Eoin will do a full financial audit and present the household with a clear strategy to achieve their goal. Over the next few months, he will follow the ups and downs as the household attempts to implement the plan.

If you’re interested in participating, please email: [email protected] or call 01 708 8191.

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