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20th Dec 2017

RTÉ Presenter Receives An Absolutely Lovely Letter About Forming A New Show

Darragh Berry

If this doesn’t get you smiling on this cold December night, nothing else will. Ireland’s Fittest Family is a very successful television show on RTÉ and is very self explanatory.

A series of obstacles and events are set up which each family has to complete thus finding out who is in fact, Ireland’s Fittest Family.

Something along these lines…

Mairead Ronan is a presenter on the television show but after this cute letter was sent into her by a young fan, she might be running to the producers with a spin-off idea.

Mairead took to Twitter to ask her followers if anybody knew who the letter was from.

She said: “HELP… Does anyone in the Castleknock area know a Fitzgerald family whose little girl might have written this letter to RTÉ about @FittestFamily? We’d love to get in touch with her parents to arrange a small Xmas surprise….if you do let @KiteEnt know”

The adorable letter reads:

“Dear RTÉ One. Do you know the way that you have Ireland’s Fittest Family, can you make it Ireland’s Fittest Kid?

“Who ever enters [has] to pick family or friends. If you do, can I have five places in the competition please? Just make the things smaller and lighter. Please write back.

Do you know this girl? Or what do you think of her show suggestion?

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