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14th Sep 2018

Huge Fight Breaks Out Live On Air On RTÉ Radio Programme On Friday Morning As Listeners Left Stunned

Darragh Berry

Things got very heated this morning.

A woman who messingly put in a presidential bid said she did so in order to make her point.

Speaking on the Today with Sean O’Rourke show, the radio presenter Norma Burke – or Bunty Twuntingdown McFluff as her alter-ego presidential wannabe is called – said she was protesting against the quality of candidates that are currently running.

However, Dublin City Councillor Mannix Flynn said the stunt should not have been done and described Burke as a “major self-promoter”.

“I’m protesting against the quality of candidate, I was in the character of this woman who runs a PR firm and who has set up an office in Dublin post-Brexit,” she began.

“It was pretty outrageous, in order to make the point I was making I had to make it outrageous.

“If I didn’t make it outrageous, people may not have got it, they may have thought it was real.

“I covered serious issues, the point was I looked at the subjects through the lens of a grotesque character.”

However, Flynn tore into Burke live on air and said that she had no respect for the other candidates who were running.

“It wasn’t Monty Python, it wasn’t funny, it was highly disrespectful and inappropriate.

“She had no regard for the other candidates. By the time the others came up to the platform, they were completely undermined by the ridiculous nature of her pitch.

“At no stage did Norma tell us this was a protest, a legitimate protest,” he continued.

“It only became a protest when I challenged her outside. There are some candidates who want to be nominated who have ridiculous ideas, but this turned into utter contempt.

“This wasn’t funny, this was the council chambers, subject to protocol and code of conduct.”

[It was] “an absolute disgrace”.

You can listen to the row in full here from the three minute mark.

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