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20th Jan 2019

RTÉ Went Completely Off Air At A Crucial Moment Tonight And People Flipped Out

James Fenton

It’s Sunday night and that means half the country is settled in watching Dancing With The Stars while the other half remains blissfully unaware.

If you’re not into it, you’ll have completely missed the sheer panic that took hold when the RTÉ One show went off air just before 8pm. Just after Fair City star Johnny Ward performed his routine, the show was replaced by the RTÉ logo on a blue screen as a voiceover repeatedly apologised for the break in transmission.

After about five minutes of awkward shuffling and some plugging of future RTÉ shows by the voiceover, viewers were brought back into the studio where host Nicky Byrne apologised for the technical difficulties.

Some viewers were unimpressed that it all cut out just before Johnny’s scores were revealed while others took the opportunity to have some craic.

For what it’s worth, he ended up scoring an decent enough 19. Panic over, folks!

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