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01st Dec 2017

Ryan Tubridy Drops Major Bombshell About This Year’s Toy Show

Darragh Berry

The countdown is well and truly on now until the biggest Friday night in the Irish television calendar takes place.

Not in Ireland? No problem, RTÉ has made it possible for you to watch the show no matter where you are in the world. 

And if you’re watching the show in Ireland, you may want to have a look at this Deliveroo ‘Toy Show Tuck Bag’ which looks the absolute business tbh. 

The Toy Show is renowned for children causing chaos while the presenter stands there with a facial expression that says ‘help, I’m extremely outnumbered here’. 

This will be Tubridy’s ninth year at the helm for the Toy Show. In his time there, he has surprised us with many the famous and familiar face. However, speaking to The Irish Independent, Tubridy admits that there will be no major stars making a shock appearance this year.

“Very often we have had people like Ed Sheeran and Robbie Keane and you see these children and you’re kind of going, ‘Are they going to faint?’  And that’s been the case in the past.  We’re not going international.  We won’t have big singers and stars emerging from hats and rockets.  Don’t be expecting that, it’s not going to happen, but there will be moments, if they come to pass, that will be very beautiful,” the host said. 

We believe you, Ryan…

If you are currently counting down the hours to the start of the Toy Show like we are, why not have a go at our LLTS quiz, we bet you won’t get a full house in it.

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