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08th Dec 2018

Ryan Tubridy’s Infamous Radio Show Caller Says He’ll ‘Never Live It Down’ After Giving Outrageous Answers

Kiara Keane

Ryan Tubridy was faced with a particularly difficult quiz contestant on his radio show this week who couldn’t seem to catch a break and get an answer right.

Thomas from Dublin quickly gained fame for his absolutely outrageous and hilarious answers to Ryan’s questions after taking the call in order to win a prize from Arnotts.

He admitted that he was going to be “brutal” and he wasn’t far wrong to be fair. For example, he was asked what Merry Christmas in Spanish and although he was told that it “rhymes with Police Navidad”, he still couldn’t get it.

But things started getting really frustrating for Tubridy when he asked Thomas, “What colour Christmas did Elvis Presley sing about? You’ve got to get this.”

“Cold, cold Christmas,” he replied.

Thomas has since revealed that he’s had people approaching him in the street to tell him how hilarious he is, but he feels like he’ll “never live it down”.

He returned to Ryan’s show to tell him how he’s been getting on since his radio appearance, explaining, “One woman said she pulled the car into the side of the road because the tears were rolling down her face.”

He added, “One fella said I should be reported to the NSA road thing because I was driving so I got my mate to retweet his tweet to the place – Specsavers, because they do hearing aids – because I clearly stated on the programme that I was using hands free.

“But it could have been worse, he could have reported me to the Department of Education.”

You can listen to Thomas’ latest chat with Ryan here:

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