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15th Nov 2018

Ryan Tubridy Has Defended His Most Controversial Late Late Show Interview To Date

Kiara Keane

Ryan Tubridy has responded to the backlash over his recent controversial Late Late Show interview with Peter Casey.

Casey had said he was targeted by Tubridy in a “set-up” interview after his presidential election loss that resulted in more than 500 complaints.

The businessman called the host “unprofessional, patronising and insulting” and told Classic Hits’ Niall Boylan that it was an “absolute disgrace”.

But despite the backlash, Tubridy has now said he has “no regrets” over his handling of the interview.

The RTÉ host told the Irish Sun, “I would say that the Late Late is no stranger to robust exchanges and debates and that was just another one.

“I think everyone who comes to the show can expect a fair hearing and if it’s political, it can be a little bit more robust and that’s what happens.”

Casey faced more controversy yesterday after he and the PR firm who represented him during the election tweeted and then deleted a cartoon parody of his Late Late Show appearance.

He said, “I have removed the cartoon video from my account.

“I wish to state Bannerton PR had nothing to do with this video. The content did not originate there and it is not supported by myself or Bannerton. Any enquiry should be directed to its producers.”

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