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29th Nov 2018

Here’s Ryan Tubridy’s Two Least Favourite Guests That He’s Ever Interviewed

Darragh Berry

The Late Late Show is an institution on Irish television and Ryan Tubridy is the face and voice of a nation as he hosts the biggest show in Ireland as well as a daily radio show with hundreds of thousands of listeners.

His biggest night of the year is slowly coming upon us but surprisingly, the children that have featured on the Toy Show haven’t been the most difficult/awkward people he’s had to interview.

He told VIP Magazine that his most difficult interviewee on The Late Late Show was Ryan O’Neal.

O’Neal was on to talk about his late partner, Farrah Fawcett passing away after a cancer battle.

Tubridy asked him at the time:

“[Farrah] was so brave and full of courage and never complained. She never let us feel what she was feeling. I haven’t been with anyone since. How do you follow that girl?”

O’Neal went on to make a rather weird sexual joke about his own daughter…

“Well I could be with Tatum, I guess, but it’s a bit late in the game,” to which the host said that doing that would be a bit “weird.”

When asked about the most “awkward celebrity” he had to interview by Podge and Rodge in the late noughties, Tubridy was still hosting his Saturday night show on RTÉ called Tubridy Tonight.

Without a moment of hesitation, Tubridy fired back with “Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.”

When asked why, he said that: “Because I felt like she didn’t have an awful lot to say even though we thought she might have lots to say but she didn’t.”

When asked by the pair if she had been taking illicit substances before her appearance on his show, Tubridy just stated “I refer you to my last answer.”

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