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25th Feb 2018

Saoirse Ronan Told A Hilarious Story About Her Mam’s Embarrassing Encounter With George Clooney


After hearing one particular anecdote from Jimmy Kimmel Live, we have to say that Saoirse Ronan’s mother sounds like a proper Irish mammy.

The 23-year-old appeared on the US talk show earlier this week to discuss her role in Lady Bird and her third Academy Award nomination. The conversation turned to Ronan’s previous experiences of the Oscars and she admitted that the main thing she remembered from her first night among the stars was her mother’s awkward run-in with George Clooney, who had stood on the train of her dress and wouldn’t respond to vehement taps on his shoulder to inform him.

Needless to say, Mrs Ronan was not one bit impressed with the Ocean’s Eleven star.

Skip forward to 2.20 in the video below to hear the story in full.

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