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23rd Nov 2017

Sarah Jessica Parker Just Gave An Irish Food Product A Very Random Shout Out


Welllll now. We reckon ’tis prob far from this she was reared, but Sarah Jessica Parker of the iconic Sex And The City fame just gave an Irish food product a shout out on her Insta.

She’s making her Thanksgiving sides, as ya do on this holy grail American feast day, and decided to share her (we have to admit, disgusting looking) pea recipe with her loyal 3.9 million followers.

Her ‘petite pea masterpiece’, is made of “any brand petite frozen or fresh peas (if you are so lucky), grainy mustard, sour cream, and butter to taste.”

From her home to yours, she says.

Now look at those ingredients again. What does she mention? BUTTER baby! It’s allllll in the butter.

SJPea (soz) is obviously a huge fan of Irish food, because she makes a clear point while talking in the video to make sure everyone knows that she’s using our own dear Kerrygold Butter in her recipe.

Considering she has a holiday home in Donegal, she probably arranges for crates of the golden goodness to be flown over to her.

We don’t blame her. But we do blame her for those mank looking peas </3.

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